The Second Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

August 31 – September 4, 2008, Brno, Czech Republic

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Symposium Schedule

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August 31, 2008 (Sunday)
10.00–16.30 Registration at the Hotel and Dormitory
17.00 Welcome Reception and Registration
September 1, 2008 (Monday)
 9.00– 9.10 Symposium Opening Ceremony
Symposium General Session
 9.15–10.00 Invited lecture – J. Janča
Plasma Chemistry in Central Europe (in Czech Republic and at MU Brno)
The past – the present – the future
10.00–10.45 Invited lecture – K. D. Weltman
Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Biomedical Applications
10.45–11.10 Oral lecture – Michal Sima
New trends in PVD coatings preparation
11.10–11.45 Coffee Break
Symposium Session II
11.45–12.10 Oral lecture – E. Reszke
Microwave Plasma Cavities – Design and applications
12.10–12.35 Oral lecture – V. Kudrle
High Power pulsed microwave discharge – experiment and theory
12.35–13.00 Oral lecture – V. Guerra
On the influence of interactions between physisorbed atoms in heterogeneous atomic recombination
13.00–15.00 Lunch
15.00–15.45 Invited lecture – J. Paillol
Modelling of Plasmachemical Processes
15.45–16.30 Invited lecture – A. Záhoranová
Low-cost high-speed permanent hydrophilization and surface activation of nonwovens using atmospheric-pressure plasma machine
16.30–17.00 Coffee Break
17.00–19.00 Poster Sessions I
September 2, 2008 (Tuesday)
 8.00–22.00 Conference trip and Conference dinner
September 3, 2008 (Wednesday)
Symposium Session III
 9.00– 9.45 Invited lecture – H. Kersten
Non-conventional Diagnostic Methods for Plasma Processing
 9.45–10.30 Invited lecture – P. Lukeš
Electrical Discharges for Water Treatment Applications
10.30–11.00 Coffee Break
Symposium Session IV
11.00–11.45 Invited lecture – I. Maximov
Some Results of the Investigations of the Plasma-solution Systems
11.45–12.30 Invited lecture – J. Mizeraczyk
Hydrogen Production Using Microwave plasma Reforming of Methane
12.30–14.30 Lunch
Symposium Session V
14.30–15.15 Invited lecture – Z. Puač
Diagnostics of the Properties of the Plasma Needle
15.15–15.40 Oral lecture – A.I.Emel’yanov
Environmentally friendly method of water decontamination
15.40–16.05 Oral lecture – M. Hrabovský
Plasma gasification of waste organics and biomass
16.05–16.35 Coffee Break
16.35–18.35 Poster Sessions II
19.00 Dinner
September 4, 2006 (Thursday)
Symposium Session VI
 9.00– 9.25 Oral lecture – L. Bónová
Modification of Aluminium Surfaces using Atmospheric-pressure and low-pressure plasma
 9.25– 9.50 Oral lecture – E.M. Peña-Méndez
TOF MS diagnostics of laser produced plasma – towards the properties of nano materials and biomolecules
 9.50–10.15 Oral lecture – M. Stano
Investigation of negative corona discharge in N2 O2 mixture using ion mobility spectrometry
10.15 Closing Ceremony
12.00 Deadline for contributions to Chemické listy
12.00–14.00 Lunch

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