The Second Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

August 31 – September 4, 2008, Brno, Czech Republic

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Contributed Papers

Participants are encouraged to submit 2 page extended abstracts before April 16, 2008. Papers must be written in English.

Each participant is invited to prepare  – beside an extended abstract – regular paper, which will be considered for publication in a special conference issue of journal Chemicke listy with impact factor 0.5. Authors of are requested to submit their papers as camera-ready electronic files by August 30, 2008 or bring the papers with them and submit them personally during the symposium. The editors (to be selected from organizing and scientific committees) will provide a peer review procedure for submitted papers.

The extended abstracts and regular papers should be submitted by e-mail to the conference address:

Please note your registration number in the e-mail.




  1. Plasma sources, plasma reactors
  2. Diagnostics of plasma processes
  3. Modelling of plasmachemical processes
  4. Plasma processes at atmospheric pressure
  5. Chemical plasma synthesis
  6. Plasma reforming
  7. Plasma for surface cleaning and modification
  8. Plasma and thin layers
  9. Plasma in nanotechnology
  10. Plasma in microelectronics and photonics
  11. Plasma in medicine, biology and environment protection
  12. Application of plasma processes in industry
  13. Generation and dynamics of plasma flows

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